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The requirements for outstanding health include eating well, moving well, maintaining a healthy nerve system, and thinking well. When combined as regular habits, these four actions properly nourish our body and our brain. Regarding thinking well, here are the key points.

Focus on positive influences and protect your mind from negative media. Popular media supposedly is meant to entertain us, and there are plenty of ways to engage our imagination. Beware of influences that cause you to feel inadequate or worry about things beyond your control. There will always be someone smarter, richer, more powerful, and better looking than us. Similarly, we are smarter, richer, more powerful, or better looking than someone else in this world. Cutting back on news, media, and advertising outlets can bring peace of mind. If an event occurs that is relevant to your life, chances are someone will tell you about it.

Choose positive thoughts and protect your mind from negative people. This is a problem for many people who can’t just “turn off” their family members, coworkers, and friends. Tip the balance in your favor toward positive thinking. Start a daily gratitude journal. Write down on an index card what emotions you would prefer to be feeling, and read this card when you want an emotional boost. Yes, positive affirmations may sound corny, but they fool your brain into shifting into a positive state. No one ever has to know that your head is full of kittens and rainbows. Would you prefer it to be full of ugly thoughts? If you don’t choose your thoughts, some sourpuss may give you their own ideas!

Focus on staying in a state of love and forgiveness. Most of us can identify a role model, either through religion or in the human world, who fits this description. WWJD? What would Grandma Klein do? Find an inspiring standard for high-level human behavior, and do your best to live up to this standard.

You could be average, or you could be outstanding. For many aspects of your life, the choice is yours. Choose wellness. Choose to be extraordinary.


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