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Albert Einstein once said, “The most important question you will ever ask yourself is whether this is or is not a friendly universe.”  Dr. Einstein believed that your answer to this question would in fact be the most important decision you would ever make.  The reason it would be so important is summed up in another of his famous quotations: “You cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that existed when it was created.”  You see, Einstein knew that it is our deeply held BELIEFS about something that will determine which actions we will consistently take or avoid regarding that thing, and those actions or inactions will in turn determine the circumstances we will find ourselves in.  So, your determination of whether we live in a friendly or hostile world will influence your actions in the world and bring about the circumstances of your life.


YOUR answer to Einstein’s question is demonstrated in your attitude.  You either go through life with what we call a WELLNESS mentality, or an ILLNESS mentality.  People with an illness mentality expect that mainly unpleasant things will happen to them because they believe the world is basically hostile, unpredictable and out of their control.  On the other hand, those with a wellness mentality expect mainly good things to happen in their lives because they believe the world is basically friendly, and that they control and attract to themselves most of what happens to them through each of their thoughts, words and actions. For example, a person can be in a state of dis-ease, and still choose to focus on a WELLNESS mentality – a positive expectation that things would be good.  The other option is to be in a state of ease, yet have an illness mentality – a certainty that things would go downhill in the future.

How do we develop, maintain and even expand a wellness mentality?  Three things are necessary.

  1. A deliberate focus on moving TOWARD what you want, as opposed to trying to move away from what you don’t want.
  1. A healthy lifestyle that allows your body to function properly, heal and continue growing.
  2. A clear neurological CONNECTION.

A special thank you to Dr. Kevin Donka, DC, for giving this explanation through his ChiroThots newsletter.

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