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Sometimes, you can’t help but share a success story. This clever, inquisitive little girl is seven years old and has been diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Before care, changes in her routine would cause anger, sleeping was fitful and irregular, and attention was a challenge for her. Ritalin had little effect on her behavioral challenges. After 11 adjustments, mom noted the following improvements: she was sleeping better, able to sit still longer and focus better on tasks, more adaptable to change and “taking things in stride.” These behavioral changes are exactly what mom and I had hoped to see, as her nerve system function improved.

You can also see physical improvements in her nervous system diagnostic scans. These scans show measurements of muscle activity. We use this technology to determine whether a person’s energy is being drained through excess muscle tension. If the brain and organ systems are being deprived of energy, symptoms of malfunction can appear in the mental, digestive, hormonal, and respiratory systems. This is why chiropractic care is effective for more than just headaches and backaches.

Before care, this little girl’s muscle energy was off the charts (black bars). In terms of excess muscle tension, red is severe, blue is moderate, and green is mild; white is normal range, yellow is below normal. If your child’s unbalanced nervous system was wasting energy on muscle tension, do you think it might cause problems in their behavior and development?

7yo girl muscle scans, before and after chiropractic care

This is an example of how a child’s nervous system can become deranged as a result of birth trauma. It is also an example of how the body and brain can resume normal function, once normal nerve function is restored. If you know a child with behavioral challenges or a diagnosis on the autism spectrum, make sure they are examined by a doctor of chiropractic.


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