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As generation X and the baby boomer generation watch their parents and grandparents age poorly, they are demanding alternatives to crisis-driven interventions, or sick care. Instead, people are becoming proactive about health. We truly desire health care that improves quality of life and resilience to the stresses of modern life. What was once considered alternative, such as yoga, massage, dietary supplements, and chiropractic, have now become mainstream. Chiropractic was instrumental in fueling this wellness revolution and continues to serve as a driving force behind it.

The chiropractic profession originated in 1895, based on the following principles:

  1. The body is blessed with an innate healing force or intelligence that strives toward balance.
  2. The body functions, and must be cared for, as an integrated unit, not a collection of parts.
  3. Integrity of the spine and nervous system play a vital role in health.
  4. Physical, chemical, and emotional stressors can all have a negative impact on health.
  5. Safe, conservative, gentle healing approaches should be used first, before risky interventions.

Doctors of chiropractic teach that dysfunction in one area of the body may affect other parts of the body. This is why chiropractic is considered a holistic health care approach. By focusing on improving the function of the spine and nervous system, chiropractors have chosen a powerful method to enhance healing. Even Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, wrote two textbooks on this area of study: Manipulation and Importance of Good Health, and Setting Joints by Leverage. This understanding of the body has held true for more than 2000 years.

More and more people are making plans to reach optimal health and vitality. A healthy 100-year lifestyle is possible, and chiropractic fits perfectly into a holistic approach to health!

Dr. Barbara Kaiser, Eagan chiropractor
Dr. Barbara Kaiser focuses on identifying and correcting neurospinal dysfunction. For Chiropractic in Eagan near Apple Valley and Burnsville MN, contact Dr. Barbara Kaiser at 651-757-5096 today.

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