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We live and die at the cellular level. Health is a state of optimal function where the cell is receiving enough of the nutrients and information it needs to grow and repair. Sickness is a state of altered function where the cell will sacrifice its abilities for growth and repair to focus on mere survival. This is called adaptive physiology, and it is a healthy response to an unhealthy environment.

For example, when we are highly stressed, we are more susceptible to getting a cold or flu, because the body will make fighting germs a lower priority than being ready for “fight or flight.” The human body’s innate intelligence is in charge of healing cuts, pumping blood, and digesting food. In an environment free of stressors, innate intelligence will direct the body’s functions toward growth and repair. If the environment becomes stressful, innate intelligence will shift the body’s functions away from growth and repair, toward basic survival. This is the only way the body can deal with stressors, and it is driven by innate intelligence. Proper cell function requires sufficient amounts of oxygen, water, nutrients, and nerve supply. We can live for days without food or water, and minutes without oxygen, but we can’t live for more than a few seconds without nerve supply telling the heart to beat and the lungs to breathe.

Toxicities and deficiencies are the two things that cause the body to become out of balance and eventually become sick. Toxicities are chemical, physical, and emotional stressors. When toxicities are present, the body must change its physiology from a state of growth and repair to a state of survival. Deficiencies in water, nutrients, oxygen, and nerve supply will reduce the body’s ability to operate in a state of growth and repair. If toxicities and deficiencies are both present, it is very difficult for the body to be focused on growth and repair. At this stage, it is sacrificing these functions just to survive, and sickness is likely to develop.

The only way to get a sick person well is to remove toxicities, or stressors, from the body, and to supply the body with what it requires for growth and repair in sufficient quantities. Instead of being in a state of toxicity and deficiency, the body is in an environment of purity and sufficiency. This is when healing can begin.

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