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What is the body part that renews itself the most quickly? Your digestive tract, when it is healthy, is replaced about every five days. So why are digestive complaints so common? First of all, we overwork our digestive systems with modern processed foods and grain-heavy diets. A modern diet of grains, sugars, dairy, and chemically altered foods also damages the digestive tract. Second, the digestive tract can be underpowered. Muscle power is necessary to churn and mix food once it enters the stomach. Valves must open and close to maintain one-way progress of food. At the beginning of the large intestine, food must move upward against gravity. The digestive tract is a very active 30-foot muscular tube.

Why would the digestive tract be underpowered? It is controlled by nerves that start in the spinal cord and exit at different levels of the spine. Nerves to stomach and liver exit the spine at the upper-middle back, small intestine and liver at the middle back, and large intestine at the lower back. If there is interference to these nerves anywhere along the spine, digestion can become underpowered and weak. Only a doctor of chiropractic is trained to detect and remove nerve interference so the body can resume its normal operations.

Healing the digestive tract always requires healing nutrients. If you want a high-quality body, you need to eat high-quality foods. People with chronic problems see improvements more quickly when they use clinical-grade supplements to cleanse, repair, and protect the digestive tract. Consult with a doctor of chiropractic to determine if they can help with your unique situation.

Heartburn, indigestion, bloating and bowel issues are what many people live with every day, worrying about every thing they put in their mouth. It is common, but not normal at all, to need daily medications to be able to eat without pain. Are you tired of managing symptoms and ready to find the root of the cause? Then let the healing begin!


Dr. Barbara Kaiser, Eagan chiropractor
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