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Every parent wants to grow a happy, healthy child that lives up to their potential. But the stresses of life can keep this from happening. Many problems in children and teenagers can be traced back to a difficult birth process. If a newborn’s head is pulled or twisted during delivery, they can develop spinal misalignments. This distorts the infant’s nerve system function, resulting in motor control issues like torticollis, or digestive issues like acid reflux, colic, and constipation. These issues often clear up after a course of gentle chiropractic care.

Nerve system malfunction (subluxation) frequently results in chronic ear infections. In preschool or elementary school, subluxation can cause problems like asthma, ADHD, emotional difficulties, and learning difficulties. The goal of chiropractic care is to treat nerve system malfunction so the body can return to normal function. Ideally, children will never develop the health problems that held back their parents and grandparents. Childhood should be spent enjoying life, not managing chronic health conditions.

 Kids enjoy getting adjusted while cuddling with mom or dad.

In 1989, a survey of the children of chiropractors and medical doctors showed striking differences between the two health care approaches. Chiropractic children showed stronger immune systems than medical children. Regarding ear infections (otitis media), 80% of medical children suffered from this problem, while only 21% of chiropractic children had ear infections. For medical children, 88% had taken antibiotics, but only 51% of chiropractic children had.

Safe. Natural. Effective. What more could a parent want for their child’s health care?

About the author: Dr. Barbara Kaiser, DC, CCWP, is a wellness-certified chiropractor at Vital Life Chiropractic in Eagan, Minnesota.

Dr. Barbara Kaiser, Eagan chiropractor
Dr. Barbara Kaiser focuses on identifying and correcting neurospinal dysfunction. For Chiropractic in Eagan near Apple Valley and Burnsville MN, contact Dr. Barbara Kaiser at 651-757-5096 today.


  1. Interesting study. My chiropractor Portland office is doing a similar study right now. There is more to raising kids to be healthy just eating right. It is the right foods and exercise that will make the big difference in their growth.

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