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Yes, you read that right. It’s possible to measure where, and how deeply, stress is affecting your body’s ability to cope with its daily routine. Technology can help us identify problem areas within the nerve system, so we have as much information as possible to create a plan for restoring health.

Did you know that only 10% of your nerve system is designed to send pain signals? This is called the sensory portion, which gives the conscious brain information about temperature, pressure, and pain. The other two divisions of the nerve system are muscular and autonomic. Autonomic nerves control everything automatic, like organs, glands, and blood vessels. Generally, you don’t feel what’s happening in the muscular and autonomic systems because these functions are coordinated at the subconscious levels of the brain. Technology is available to measure these two systems objectively.

The pictures below are diagnostic scans of the postural muscles. The technology measures electrical activity of muscles along the spine. At each level, we should see white bars, which would mean data is in the normal range. If we move beyond the normal range, green is mild, blue is moderate, and red is severe excess activity. In this example, a client asked for help with chronic headaches and neck pain. He also mentioned that he had recently developed restless leg symptoms. The initial scan showed severe muscle imbalance in the neck, which is not surprising for someone with head and neck complaints.

After four weeks of care, the muscle scan had changed dramatically. Not only had his neck pain disappeared and his headaches decreased by 75%, but his restless leg symptoms had disappeared as well. Since the most nerve interference was in his neck, we primarily adjusted his neck. Notice that his entire spine showed objective improvements. Why not adjust his low back, since there were also leg symptoms? Well, the nerves to the legs don’t originate in the low back. They exit the spine at that level, but they originate in the brain. On their way from brain to legs, they pass through… of course, the neck! The spine and spinal cord function as one system. If you improve nerve function in one part, you influence the entire system to function better.

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