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I would like to review a paper titled “A Comparative Study of the Health Status of Children Raised Under the Health Care Models of Chiropractic and Traditional Medicine.” This study was printed in the summer 1989 issue of the Journal of Chiropractic Research.

Two hundred pediatricians and two hundred chiropractors were surveyed as to the health of their children. The results of this survey indicate a clear correlation between chiropractic care and superior health. According too the study, the pediatricians’ children had an ear infection rate of 80%, while chiropractors’ children only had an ear infection rate of 30%. As far as tonsillitis was concerned, 43% of pediatricians’ children and 26% of chiropractors’ children were affected. Regarding antibiotic usage, 89% of pediatricians’ children and 50% of chiropractors’ children had ever been on antibiotics.

In my opinion these results are by no means a surprise to anyone who understands basic chiropractic principles. Every function of the body, including the immune system, is under control of the nervous system.. This statement is fact, based on pure anatomical science, plain and simple. If there is any interference in the nervous system, the body cannot function at 100% The further below 100% function, the less healthy a person is.

A chiropractor’s job is simple: remove nerve interference by adjusting the spine. How do you know if you or your children have nerve interference? The obvious answer is when you are sick and your body is not functioning properly. But what if you are not sick and do not have any symptoms? The only way to know if you have nerve interference is to be checked by a doctor of chiropractic. Many offices now have technology called computerized infrared thermal scanners. These instruments conduct a completely harmless, non-invasive test that assesses the body for nerve interference.

Remember this, a body with nerve interference is like an unplugged refrigerator filled with food. On the outside, everything looks just fine. But on the inside, the food is starting to spoil. Please avoid letting your insides spoil by getting regular chiropractic wellness adjustments.

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