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“The whitecoats say you have allergies, asthma, sleep apnea, depression, chronic fatigue, GERD and fibromyalgia.  They say you’ll be on a dozen different medications for the rest of your life.  But what does the doctor looking back at you in the mirror say?  

The doctor in the mirror says you have an innate wisdom inside, capable of RE-CREATING a healthier version you.  A ‘you’ without allergies, asthma, sleep apnea, depression, chronic fatigue, GERD or fibromyalgia.  That doctor is just waiting for you to remove the roadblock.

Health is your birthright.  Health is your natural state.  Health is what you get when you have a clear nerve system.  Don’t be imprisoned by the whitecoat’s diagnosis, it’s merely a temporary state.  Find a Chiropractor who works for the doctor inside of you and you’ll leave sickness and dis-ease behind in the dust.”

Thanks to Dr. Rob for sending out this logical message!

About the author: Dr. Barbara Kaiser, DC, CCWP, is a wellness-certified chiropractor at Vital Life Chiropractic in Eagan, Minnesota.

Dr. Barbara Kaiser, Eagan chiropractor
Dr. Barbara Kaiser focuses on identifying and correcting neurospinal dysfunction. For Chiropractic in Eagan near Apple Valley and Burnsville MN, contact Dr. Barbara Kaiser at 651-757-5096 today.

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