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Have you ever been called a sensitive person? It may have been meant as a compliment or a criticism, but sensitivity is a governing trait for a large group of Americans. If you are particular about your physical environment or are easily overstimulated, it’s likely that you may be a “highly sensitive person,” or HSP. Many of our HSP patients are drawn to our services because we focus on low-force chiropractic care. Humans have a range of reactivity regarding their nervous systems. Those of us HSPs with more sensitive nervous systems show definite preferences and predictable reactions:

  • Emotional, creative, and imaginative personality
  • Empathic; affected by the problems of other people
  • Conscientious; high attention to detail
  • Limited tolerance of hunger, heat, cold, wind, noise, smell
  • Sleep is easily disturbed; may wake often at night


A medical doctor does not always know the ideal prescription to manage blood pressure or depression symptoms, but must inform the patient that fine-tuning their treatment may be necessary. Similarly, HSPs often have experienced traditional chiropractic and found it to be beneficial, but at the same time overstimulating. This generally indicates that a patient will respond very well to low-force chiropractic care. As in most areas of life, there is something out there for everybody.

If you resonate with the notion of being a highly sensitive person, please read “The Highly Sensitive Person,” a book by Elaine Aron, PhD. Dr. Aron describes the assets and pitfalls of being highly sensitive. The above list of preferences and reactions is based on Dr. Aron’s work. We plan to incorporate this knowledge into our new patient intake process, so we can better identify chiropractic patients who are HSPs.

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