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Globally, the top cause of disability is low back pain. This symptom is what most people think of when they hear the word “chiropractor,” and it is one of the main reasons that people consult our office. We have seen excellent results with people with low back pain, and other symptoms like heartburn will improve. Chiropractic care has whole-body effects because it improves the function of the nervous system. But let’s focus on low back pain.

NPR News reported today that low back pain is the top source of disability in the world, and medicine is not finding new methods to help, like they are with cancer and heart disease. Some people choose to undergo multiple back surgeries, without significant relief. What if the problem is not just in the low back? The part that hurts is not always the true source of the problem. Most of us know that a heart attack can make your jaw or arm hurt.

Health care providers sometimes overlook the physiology behind low back pain, so let’s review basic human physiology. Pain and movement signals from the low back to the brain must travel via the spinal cord, which runs down the center of the spine. The spinal cord is laid out like a fiber-optic cable, with different wires carrying information from different body parts. Information from the low back is carried on the rear edges of the spinal cord. Spinal misalignments (subluxations), especially in the upper neck, can irritate the spinal cord, distorting the signals and creating pain symptoms that the brain reads as “low back pain.” This is why the entire spine must be analyzed if someone has low back pain.

We often see leg and low back symptoms improve without having to perform heavy manual adjustments to the low back and pelvic joints. Our specific, low-force chiropractic technique restores normal function to the nervous system. Many of our patients have found relief from decades-long problems that they decided to stop tolerating. If you are having low back pain, be sure to get an examination from a chiropractor with a reputation for being thorough and effective.

Dr. Barbara Kaiser, Eagan chiropractor
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