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Torque Release Technique is a “tonal” chiropractic technique. That is, it is concerned with relieving tension in the deepest layers of the body. In addition to the spinal joints, TRT addresses the tension (tone) within the skull, spinal cord, and protective coverings (meninges) of the brain and spinal cord. When these body systems are functioning properly, communication within the nervous system occurs smoothly and efficiently. This creates optimal function of mind, body and emotions.

TRT evolved out of a 1996 university-based study to test the impact of chiropractic care on participants’ ability to complete a 30-day residential addiction treatment program. The astounding results of this study were printed in Molecular Psychiatry, a publication of the prestigious scientific journal Nature. What happened? All of the residents (100 percent) undergoing Torque Release Technique chiropractic care were able to complete the program. Traditionally, the completion rate is about 56 percent. Participants receiving TRT care also reported significant decreases in anxiety and visits to the nurse.

People with addictive and compulsive tendencies can experience improved states of well-being from TRT care. This gives a hopeful alternative to adults and children affected by depression, anxiety, ADHD/ADD, and substance abuse. Between 2003 and 2010, additional case reports noted significant positive changes in people affected by autism, ADHD, depression, and traumatic brain injury.

Like other chiropractic techniques, TRT can also benefit people with pain, stiffness, and fatigue. TRT protocol recommends that a person be adjusted differently every visit. This breaks the nervous system out of its unhealthful patterns and creates the potential for continuous improvements in body function and state of well-being. The body continues to correct and realign itself in the time between adjustments. TRT chiropractic care leads to profound neurological changes that can benefit every body system. It is an excellent, economical approach to developing vibrant health.


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