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I am sure you have come across this word, but do not necessarily understand what it means. Let me state emphatically that you are not alone. Most people really have no idea what wellness is all about. Most people’s concept of health includes getting up in the morning, looking down at their toes and seeing them wiggling. If they can take a step forward and don’t feel bad doing so, then in fact they feel they are healthy – all parts working. They can now forge ahead and conquer the world. That is not health and it is not wellness. Wellness is not about how you feel – it is all about how your body is functioning and maximizing that expression!

If we want to achieve health for ourselves and our children, our goal needs to be: Make certain that our bodies are functioning the way they were meant to, normally, with nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, interfering with that process. That is the key. 

You see, health is like a candle that is lit when you are born and burns brightly throughout life. At the end, it flickers once, goes out, and that is it. And you’ve lived a life of your dreams. However, I have found in my practice that most people do not present with such an ideal picture. In the vast majority of cases, this is what I would see: The candle is lit brightly at birth, it then has an ear infection, pneumonia, strep throat, a heart attack, liver failure, etc. Often it has to be rekindled and restarted. That’s not health. That is merely getting by with as few symptoms and problems as one can possibly avoid.

There is no pill, potion or lotion on the face of this planet that can possibly oversee the power of your own body to achieve health! People do not realize that our normal state is to be healthy. Our aim then, as parents, should be to allow our children’s bodies and our own, to function with absolutely nothing interfering with that process.

That’s health. It’s that simple! And that is what chiropractic is all about!

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Dr. Barbara Kaiser, Eagan chiropractor
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