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I hope you don’t cringe at the idea of living for 100 years. If you do, reassess your daily habits and what path they are leading you down. A guidebook to the good life might help you out. Dr. Eric Plasker wrote the book (literally, in 2007) on the 100-year lifestyle, which includes:

  • Living a healthy, passionate, prosperous life, every day of your life, for 100 years and beyond
  • Great relationships with multiple generations
  • Lifelong learning, activity, and adventure
  • Financial freedom, abundance, and independence
  • Maximizing your genetic capabilities and making the most of your time, energy, and talents
  • Keeping your original body parts functioning at full capacity
  • Stimulating your mind to keep it sharp

If this seems like just a dream, it is not! It can become reality for those people who have the self-love and motivation to create the perfect life for themselves and their families. One of my teachers once said, “Americans live too short and die too long.” We have the knowledge and the ability to reverse that situation!

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