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Gotta love this! Dr. Dean Ornish, MD, led a research study in 2008 that showed the body’s power to restore itself when treated well. The participants made healthy lifestyle changes that changed which genes became activated. Hundreds of individual genes were either switched on or off, depending on the body’s own intelligence. It is the activation, not the mere presence, of genes that determines our health status. As an analogy, I have about 50 programs on my computer, but only 8 of them are running right now.

In 2005, researchers Campbell, Kent, and colleagues discovered something else truly amazing: Chiropractic works like an anti-oxidant! The study measured serum thiol, a marker for DNA repair activity, in the blood of volunteers. People were grouped into three categories: active disease or acute injury, short-term chiropractic care, and long-term chiropractic care.

The results were astounding: people under long-term chiropractic care showed the strongest DNA repair activity. In other words, their bodies were most capable of countering oxidative stress and reducing inflammation. People who were sick or injured showed the weakest DNA repair activity. The bottom line is, if you can easily fix your own DNA, you will age slower and have a higher quality of life.

The greatest benefits were seen in the people under wellness-based chiropractic care for more than two years. The best thing is, everyone in the study was over 40 years old. This shows that it’s never too late to change your health and take control of your life. Are you ready to age well?


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