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What to Expect

The first step toward regaining control over your health is scheduling a complimentary 15-minute consultation by calling 651-757-5096. This is a conversation, not a commitment. We set aside time to discuss whether our natural health services can help you with your specific needs. Following the accepted standard of professional chiropractic care, a thorough evaluation is required before adjustments (treatments) are delivered. If you have previous X-rays or MRI studies, we encourage you to bring them to your consultation. No medical referral is necessary for pediatric or adult chiropractic services.

Our Office

It is important for us to provide a positive experience for our patients. We believe this is best done in an atmosphere that is soothing, well-organized, simple, and predictable. This allows us to give patients our full attention. Every patient is different, so X-rays, stretches, exercises, and other complementary recommendations may be included in your care plan. We enjoy working with patients with chronic or complex health issues. Fussy infants and children with impulsive behavior or sensory issues are welcome as patients in our office.


Insurance coverage is not necessary to use our services. In an age of high deductibles, many of our patients find that direct payment for chiropractic care is a simpler, more affordable arrangement. Forms of direct payment include cash, checks, debit/credit cards, and HSA cards. Some patients use the 6-month interest-free financing option from Care Credit, which is a credit card specifically used at healthcare offices. We offer family plans and flexible payment arrangements. We can directly bill claims for auto/PIP or worker’s compensation injuries that result in back pain, neck pain, or headaches. We work with health insurance companies on an out-of-network basis and often recover a significant portion of out-of-pocket expenses. Please call our office at 651-757-5096 to discuss our participation in government programs such as Medicare and Minnesota’s MA/MHCP/TEFRA programs. We can generate statements for you to submit to insurance for application towards deductible or reimbursement for services. The purpose of our free 15-minute consultation is to clarify your financial options so you are fully informed before making a treatment decision.


Our practice primarily uses specific, low-force adjustments, which allows us to offer our patients highly effective care that does not require spinal manipulation (and the accompanying “crack” that often keeps people at bay). This gentle approach is appropriate for children, post-surgical patients, and patients with osteoporosis or spinal degeneration. We are proud to say that we have a family chiropractic office serving athletes, women in all stages of pregnancy, and even newborns who display signs of neurospinal dysfunction as a result of the birthing process. We use multiple technique systems for chiropractic analysis, manual manipulation, and instrument adjusting. For established patients, an adjustment visit most often takes 5-10 minutes, so it is easy to work into your routine.


About Your Neurospinal System

Your nervous system is very intricate. For example, did you know that the vagus nerve connects your brain to your heart, lungs, digestive organs, and intestines? Vagus nerve comes off the junction between your brain and spinal cord, travels down the neck behind your ear, and influences organs. Understanding anatomy, it is easy to understand why upper neck misalignments can create an obstruction to proper signalling of vagus nerve and have a negative impact on heart, lung, and digestive functions.

Your spine, skull, brain, spinal cord, and nerves have such interconnected relationships that we often use the term “neurospinal system.” If we identify and correct obstructions to proper neurospinal function, we can help people feel better, prevent problems in the future, and create a better quality of life.


Your nervous system controls all body functions.


Cellular Health, Toxicity, and Nutrition

To support your journey toward wellness, we offer tests to identify toxicity, nutritional deficiency, hormonal imbalances, and overloaded stress-handling systems. Saliva testing can often provide answers for frustrating conditions such as adrenal fatigue and leaky gut. We are proud to work with Diagnos-Techs, Genova Diagnostics, Standard Process, and Systemic Formulas. Call us at 651-757-5096 for more information.