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“Man can certainly keep on lying… but he cannot make truth falsehood. He can certainly rebel… but he can accomplish nothing which abolishes the choice of God.” – Karl Barth, 20th century Swiss theologian

Why are we getting sicker? Is it the truth that we are unlucky, the victims of bad germs or bad genes? Or is it that we have errors in our current owner’s manual? You know, the book of knowledge on how to be healthy. Things that “everybody knows.”

Let’s focus on diet myths. If you ask someone what a healthy diet is, they most likely will say: Low-fat! No eggs or butter! That is the public health message we’ve been bombarded with for more than 50 years. In those 50 years, have we gotten healthier or sicker? Less obese or more obese? Do our children have better development, or increased developmental delays?

Did you know that before 1920, coronary heart disease was rare in America? At this time, we were eating lots of butter, eggs, and meat from pastured animals. Mid-century, we replaced animal fats with vegetable oils, and we changed our animals’ feed from grass to grains like corn and soybeans. So the chemical makeup of your steak today is completely different from your great-grandpa’s steak! And by the way, you are much more likely to die of coronary heart disease than your eggs-and-bacon-everyday-for-breakfast ancestors. Of course, these facts are politically incorrect.

You are what you eat.

Get this book! Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook That Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats, 2nd edition, by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, PhD. In the first 70 pages, the book describes the roles of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, milk, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, beverages, and food allergies. The authors did their research. That is, after all, what PhD’s tend to do. They took a global view of what people eat and how it relates to their health. The people who ate local,organic foods based on animal products and produce are unquestionably healthier than the populations who ate low-fat, high-sugar, grain-based (food pyramid, anyone?) diets. This cookbook will show you how to prepare tasty meals while preserving the healing properties of foods.

Truth hurts, but ignorance will kill you. Being politically incorrect is good for you!

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