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When discussing chronic disease, people and their health care providers always look into family history. Is there heart disease, cancer, or diabetes in your family? Most people would respond, yes, indeed there is. The next line of thinking is that having a family history of chronic illness mean that you are at risk of developing the same chronic illness. Maybe it is just simpler for us to admit that every person is at risk for chronic illness. Period.

But wait a minute. There’s a huge difference between being susceptible to a disease and developing a disease. We modern humans are all susceptible to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes because our lifestyle is out of alignment with what we genetically require to be healthy. Consider the human being as an animal. There are certain requirements for health that are based on biological laws. We need to eat well, move well, and think well, all at the same time, for an extended length of time. If we do this from birth to death, we have our best chance of living a long, productive life.

Let’s use this analogy: when the fish in the Great Lakes were developing tumors and dying, what was the first question the biologists asked? What is wrong with their environment that is causing them to become sick, and how can we clean it up? Their first question was not, what cancer drugs should we dump into the water, or how big should we let the tumors get before we remove them surgically? When you understand the limitations of drugs and surgery, you know that they only treat the effects of disease. But what drug can bring you toward health? That is, what drug helps you to eat well, move well, and think well, all at the same time?

Once you begin to understand the science of wellness from a biologist’s perspective, you will see that the biggest hurdle is accepting biological laws. We are trained from an early age that (human-made) technology is more effective and powerful than (God-made) biology. The ultimate source of disease is interference with a creature’s biological processes, whether that be through a toxicity (stress, chemicals, lack of movement) or a deficiency (nutrient-barren foods, lack of positive emotions, sedentary lifestyle). A true wellness approach to health care involves identifying and removing toxicities and deficiencies from a person’s environment.

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