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Now that cold and flu season is arriving, yes, people do need their faces adjusted! Allow me to explain. The bones of the skull and face are not fused completely together. There is a teeny-tiny bit of movement between the bones of the skull. When people have colds or sinus pressure, it is important to keep the sinus cavities draining. The body produces mucus to flush out pathogens, not keep them several inches from the brain. 

 The “sinus adjustment” involves the bones above and below the eyes, where the main sinus cavities are located. I apply gentle pressure from side to side to keep the joint moving, for about 30 seconds. Most of the time, the client can breathe more easily, their sinus pressure has decreased, or their nose starts to run and flush out gunk (a good sign).

The sinus adjustment also influences the meningeal tissues which cover the brain and spinal cord. Chiropractic addresses the function of the nerve system. Adjustments relieve stress on the spinal cord and meninges that control the electrical signals that run at 300 mph throughout our body, 24/7, from cradle to grave.

When the brain, spinal cord, and nerves are under normal tension, the electrical signals travel most efficiently. Too much tension can result from chronic stress, slouching, and forward-head posture (think of video-game players here). High tension in the spinal cord can cause disruption to critical information. A person can not tell there is dysfunction, because most of the nerve system information does not reach the conscious, feeling brain.

It is possible to objectively measure the function of the spine and nerve system using non-invasive, painless methods. Have you had your spine and nerve system checked lately?

Dr. Barbara Kaiser, Eagan chiropractor
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