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Help Your Child to Be Their Best!

There is hope for kids and adults with ADHD, ADD, and spectrum disorders!

  • Does your child struggle with focus, impulse control, or sleep?
  • Do you want your child to enjoy school and feel capable this year?
  • Are you seeking a natural way to bring out your child’s potential?


It is any parent’s greatest wish to see their children happy and healthy. There is nothing more joyful than seeing a carefree, innocent smile light up your child’s face. We love our children so much, and we never want to see them hurt or sick. However, there are far too many American children who struggle with their health and daily activities.

ADHD and related disorders are an increasing epidemic that children and families struggle to overcome every day. ADHD and spectrum disorders are often neurological in nature. Similar to a car, the neurological system has a “gas pedal” and a “brake pedal.” An overload of physical, chemical, and emotional stressors can cause someone to become stuck in the gas mode, without the brakes engaging. A person can develop a functional imbalance of the brain and nervous system, but this imbalance can often be corrected.


ADHD and The Central Nervous System

Children with a diagnosis of ADHD, ADD, or autism spectrum disorder are often locked in a “fight or flight” state. Due to their altered brain function, they are overstimulated by people, noise, lights, and even their own clothing. This may lead to a separate diagnosis such as SPD, or sensory processing disorder. Often a child also has headaches, postural problems like slouching, and sleep disorders. The child’s symptoms can be very disruptive for families and cause poor performance in school, reducing a child’s potential to be their best.

Healthcare providers understand that neurological integrity plays a significant role in children’s learning and behavioral patterns. Doctors of chiropractic offer a non-drug and non-invasive alternative treatment for people with ADHD and spectrum disorders that targets the underlying problems, not just the symptoms. Our Eagan chiropractor’s services are designed to rebalance, calm, and organize the nervous system, so the function of body and brain both improve. Many parents report improvements in impulse control, focus, and sleep during a program of chiropractic care.


What to Do TODAY

If you are a parent concerned about your child’s health, please understand that there is hope. Restoring neurological integrity through chiropractic care may be the missing piece of the puzzle for your child. Call our Eagan chiropractic office today at 651-757-5096 for a complimentary consultation.



“Braiden has been diagnosed with ADHD and a mild form of autism. Prior to chiropractic care, he was very rambunctious and prone to strong temper tantrums. It was hard to get his attention. Since he has been getting adjusted regularly, he is less rambunctious, he comes out of his temper tantrums more quickly, and his focus in school is slowly improving.”

“I have never felt so at peace as I do today! It is hard to even explain. I am calmer, more relaxed, I can think clearer, and overall feel much better. I no longer take medication for my restless leg syndrome, and I don’t need pain relievers for my headaches most of the time. The benefits of my care are so much more than I ever imagined possible. I wish I would have done this years ago!”

“Before care, changes in my daughter’s routine would cause anger, sleeping was fitful and irregular, and attention was a challenge for her. Ritalin had little effect on her behavioral challenges. After 11 adjustments, we noted the following improvements: she was sleeping better, able to sit still longer and focus better on tasks, more adaptable to change and taking things in stride.”