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Who Else Wants Normal Digestion?

There is hope for children and adults with heartburn, indigestion, reflux, or IBS.

  • Is your child’s digestion marked with fussiness or colic?
  • Do you want to enjoy a meal without worrying and pain?
  • Are you searching for a natural solution for your digestion?


Does it make sense to you that one hallmark of health is being able to eat what you want without feeling sick? That, if you eat a reasonably-sized meal, you should be able to digest it without needing drugs to help the process along? Do you have any 80-year-old relatives who do not need the help of antacid tablets? Please understand that heartburn, indigestion, acid reflux, constipation, and IBS-type symptoms are not part of “normal aging,” or “normal infancy.” Digestive troubles are often a result of a lack of digestive power.

Digestion and the Central Nervous System

The digestive tract is a muscular tube that mixes and pushes food along for 30 feet. Stomach, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas all need to produce substances to break down and absorb food, and these substances need to be injected by smaller muscular tubes into the main digestive tract. The digestive tract requires so much power that it has its own dedicated nervous system. If the nervous system malfunctions, the digestive system can appear to go haywire. The root cause of nervous system malfunction is an overload of physical, mental, and chemical stress. This overload can compromise digestive power, but fortunately there is a natural solution to support digestive health.

Healthcare providers understand that digestion is one of the foundations of good health. Doctors of chiropractic offer a non-drug and non-invasive alternative approach for people with heartburn and IBS that targets the underlying problems. Our Eagan chiropractor’s skills are designed to rebalance, calm, and organize the nervous system, so several body functions may improve simultaneously. It is truly incredible to hear our patients report improvements in long-standing issues such as acid reflux, indigestion, constipation, and IBS. For infants and children, we may offer a solution for colic, reflux, and poor digestion.


What to Do TODAY

If you or a family member have been struggling with health problems, please understand that there is hope. Restoring neurological integrity through chiropractic care may be the missing piece of the puzzle. There is nothing that brings us more joy than seeing a client regain their health. Our goal, like yours, is to maximize everyone’s potential to be their best. Call our Eagan chiropractic office today at 651-757-5096 for a complimentary consultation.



“I started treatment at Vital Life Chiropractic hoping for relief from tension and migraine headaches. I also had daily heartburn and moderate to severe arthritis pain in my hands as well as soreness from an old ankle injury. After two adjustments, the heartburn occurrences were down to one or two a week. After 12 sessions, the heartburn is down to a couple times a month.”

“Before care, Lauren had back pain (due to 8 years of gymnastics), neck pain, and rumination, which is an in-voluntary reflux. Within 1 week, Lauren was improving. Her posture changed, back pain and neck pain subsided. Since the beginning of her wellness care with Dr. Barb, Lauren has no back or neck pain and her rumination is 50-70% better. We have spent thousands of dollars and have seen doctors from U of M, Children’s Hospital and Mayo Clinic without a cure for rumination. The wellness care has given Lauren a new lease on life, and she sleeps and feels 100% better. Thank you, Dr. Barb!”

“The acid reflux was constant. Everything I ate gave me acid reflux. I had constant burning in my throat and the pressure of anything touching the throat area bothered me. I was taking Prilosec daily on waking and Tums as needed. If these were skipped I can’t imagine what it would have been like. Since getting adjusted, I have increased mental clarity and am not “in a fog” anymore. I sleep better, with about 1 hour less sleep. I have more energy as well. I stopped taking Prilosec and Tums about 3 weeks after starting the supplements Dr. Barb recommended. Dr. Barb actually takes the time to listen to you and a person never feels rushed. I am feeling so much better, and being able to eat so much more of a variety of foods is wonderful.”