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“Vital Life is an outstanding chiropractic service. Went to see Dr. Barb as I was new to the area. I cannot have someone manipulating my upper body for medical reasons. She realigned my body with a tool. I couldn’t believe how good I felt. It was amazing. I feel great all the time. My whole body does not hurt and I don’t have to return as many times to stay in shape.” – MKJ


“My son TJ and I have been seeing Dr. Kaiser for about a month now. He is a 15 year old who grew about a foot in 3 months and was feeling pain in his back. I knew it was time for me to see Dr. Kaiser, just getting older and realizing that things don’t work as well was a good hint. We made our first appointment and she walked both of through the process, explaining everything she did and what the results meant. Since then my son actually says he hates to miss an appointment when he goes out of town. His focus is also much better. No more ADHD drugs for him. I feel better all over, including my plumbing. When everything in your spine is doing what it should your whole body works better.” – Samantha

“I had heartburn, fibromyalgia, severe low back pain, ringing in the ears. After a week the heartburn and belching were gone. My tender points have seen a great improvement. We’re still working on low back and ringing in the ears. I also had bad pain from sinus which has greatly improved.” – Rosie 


“I went in to see Dr. Barb after I had thrown my back completely out. I worked at rehabilitating it myself for over 2 weeks and the best I could do is crawl up my stairs when I was done. Dr. Barb gave me a thorough exam, and then did an adjustment with a small tool. I did a follow up visit the next day for a second adjustment. Within 4 days I was able to grab and carry my 80 lb sleeping son up the same flight of stairs I could barely crawl up. She is now in my speed dial. :)” – Stan 


“I was less than a week away from having surgery for plantar fasciitis. I also had acid reflux. Due to my foot problem, I was unable to walk or stand for long periods of time. The acid reflux was constant. Everything I ate gave me acid reflux. I had constant burning in my throat and the pressure of anything touching the throat area bothered me. I was taking Prilosec daily on waking and Tums as needed. If these were skipped I can’t imagine what it would have been like. Dr. Barb adjusted the foot, and Sara at Hope & Healing Massage massaged the foot for about a month. I did not need the surgery and am now walking pain free. Since getting adjusted, I have increased mental clarity and am not “in a fog” anymore. I sleep better, with about 1 hour less sleep. I have more energy as well. I stopped taking Prilosec and Tums about 3 weeks after starting the supplements Dr. Barb recommended. Dr. Barb actually takes the time to listen to you and a person never feels rushed. I am feeling so much better. It is such a relief not to have foot pain, and being able to eat so much more of a variety of foods is wonderful. Consult with Dr. Barb before any surgeries.” – Anne  


“Before care, I was unable to raise my left leg to dress, and I experienced pain while doing so. To get dressed, I had to physically lift my leg to put on my pants. This is no longer an issue for me. After starting care, my weekly migraines have been reduced to mild, less frequent headaches. When exercising and lowering my chin to my chest, I experienced numbness and tingling down my right arm. After care, this symptom disappeared. I had neck pain and very limited range of motion from left to right. Now I have improved range of motion, and the pain and stiffness are greatly reduced. I learned more about taking care and listening to my body, and how important a maintenance program is to keeping things in check. I also learned more about how many things are impacted and can be improved by a healthy nervous/circulatory system.” – Deb, St. Paul


“I was experiencing severe lower back pain. It pretty much hurt to even move around without feeling some sort of pain. I was taking aspirin and some vicodin to ease the pain but it really didn’t seem to help. I felt better after the first adjustment. I was able to at least bend forward without severe pain. A very welcome feeling. I am experiencing less headaches and it feels like I have a better range of motion compared to even before I injured my lower back. I have never been to a chiropractor before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Dr. Barb does a great job of educating and explaining about what is going on with your body and how chiropractic care can help. She can make serious back pain go away without using serious force.” – Corey  


“I went to see Dr. Barb Kaiser a little over a month ago for some back problems. From the moment I walked in I felt welcome to the office and had a feeling she was there to not only help my problem, but to educate me on why it hurts, how she is going to help and what I can do to help. During my first visit she explained everything to me so I can understand, and came up with a solution as to what she was going to do. Also my left ankle had been hurting me and she was able to adjust that during the first visit it has felt better ever since. We started with the adjustments the following week and each time I have felt better. I now feel my posture is better, less pain in my neck and back and to top it all off my ankle is still feeling better. I was coming down with a cold one week and she made some adjustments on my face and the symptoms disappeared. She genuinely cares about helping her patients and helping them feel better. It is great working with a Doctor who is knowledgeable and is there to help you improve your way of life. I would recommend anyone who is having any problems with the body to visit Dr. Barb Kaiser and she will be able to help.” – Mike  


 “I have had chronic headaches for many years. I have also had neck pain. I was recently diagnosed with restless leg syndrome as well. Without medication, I believe I would not have been able to function effectively, if at all. I noticed a difference after my 1st adjustment. I could actually tilt my head back completely. I had not been able to do this for so long, I didn’t even realize it was a limitation. I started noticing a change in the frequency and intensity of my headaches after approximately 3 weeks. They have improved dramatically from 4-5 times a week to zero to one headache a week. I have never felt so at peace as I do today! It is hard to even explain. I am calmer, more relaxed, I can think clearer, and overall feel much better. I no longer take medication for my restless leg syndrome, I don’t need pain relievers for my headaches most of the time. The benefits of my care are so much more than I ever imagined possible. I wish I would have done this years ago! I have never felt so at ease at a doctor’s office before. Dr. Barb’s ability to educate patients about their care, and the benefits of chiropractic care, is incredible. It is clear that she loves her work, and is committed to helping people live a healthier life.” – Donn 


“Since I started adjustments therapy my blood pressure has dropped, my energy level has increased; where I no longer have problems with fatigue. My headaches, neck and shoulder pain have subsided. I have been able to lose weight and exercise.” – Kathryn, Eagan


“I had ongoing issues with my sciatic nerve in my lower back particularly on my right side. There was constant pain and burning radiating from my butt area to my right hip. Secondarily there were chronic tight knots on my right upper back region under my scapula. These issues created continuous pain and affected my sleeping patterns as well as certain exercises I tried to do. I would say my back knots improved within the second week of treatment. My sciatic issues took about 2 weeks where I was aware of the burning pain lessened to a more mild manageable point. It was more like 3 weeks when I became aware that the pressure points on my hips no longer awakened me. It was towards the later part of week 3 that I began to realize I no longer had knots in my back. For my overall improvements, I am sleeping better and my physical exercises I attend are far more beneficial. My stamina during exercise has improved and my overall body is not so restricted after my twice a week cardio workout. I have gone to more traditional chiropractors over the years. While they gave me short term relief, this process seems longer lasting and reaches my entire body. I am not certain why or how this process is being more effective. It makes of lot of sense how the nerve energy flows and how when blocked it can have serious effects on the functioning of the overall body parts.” – Kathy, Lakeville


“I started treatment at Vital Life Chiropractic hoping for relief from tension and migraine headaches. I also had daily heartburn and moderate to severe arthritis pain in my hands as well as soreness from an old ankle injury. After two adjustments, the heartburn occurrences were down to one or two a week. After 12 sessions, the heartburn is down to a couple times a month, the arthritis pain has been significantly reduced and the ankle soreness is gone. The decrease in arthritis pain alone has made a big difference in my quality of life. Without the aching and weakness in my hands I can hold and use heavier objects and cooking and gardening are no longer dreaded chores.” – Kate, Mendota Heights


“I came to Vital Life Chiropractic, LLC due to severe deep leg pain, increasing fatigue, weakness, and back pain. I knew at this point that the fatigue and weakness were due to lack of exercise and movement because of the pain. I have also had digestive problems and nutrient absorption issues for many years. I noticed improvement after the second treatment at Vital Life Chiropractic, LLC. I could turn my head to both sides and look over my shoulder for the first time in years. I was sleeping better as the deep leg pains were subsiding. After several treatments, I no longer have the deep leg pain. I am slowly seeing improvements in digestion. Barb has been awesome at explaining the whole process and why it works. She has also been wonderful about providing me with exercises to do at home that complement the adjustments she makes. I look forward to feeling great again so that I can get out, be more active, and keep up with my grandson.” – Karen, Eagan


“Before care, Lauren had back pain (due to 8 years of gymnastics), neck pain, and rumination, which is an in-voluntary reflux. Within 1 week, Lauren was improving. Her posture changed, back pain and neck pain subsided. Since the beginning of her wellness care with Dr. Barb, Lauren has no back or neck pain and her rumination is 50-70% better. We have spent thousands of dollars and have seen doctors from U of M, Children’s Hospital and Mayo Clinic without a cure for rumination. The wellness care has given Lauren a new lease on life, and she sleeps and feels 100% better. Thank you, Dr. Barb!” – Mary (mom),  Apple Valley


“Before beginning care, our daughter had sensory delay issues resulting in delayed response to questions. She also had trouble relaxing, which resulted in not being able to nap at preschool. After 4-6 visits, we began to see slow improvements in processing time, and naps began to occur 2-3 times per week. We continue to see response time improve, and naps have been consistent daily. It has been a wonderful experience for our daughter, and Dr. Barb has been wonderful!” – Mom and Dad


“I had upper back muscle pain and stiffness, digestive issues, shortness of breath, and foot/bunion problems. It took 2 visits to begin noticing less back pain. My digestion is becoming more regular and normal, breathing is easier, I wake up without pain in my shoulders and back, and walking is easier. I have more energy, lifting my children is easier, and my ability to exercise for a longer time has increased. The nervous system really affects everything in our bodies and can also really cause problems when it’s not working correctly. I have been so happy with Dr. Kaiser’s approach! My health issues have been addressed quickly. She is very knowledgeable and great at giving explanations as to what she is doing and why.” – Anonymous


“I was having tingling in my thumb, restricted neck movement, and pain in my foot. After the first adjustment, there was noticeable easing of the tingle in my thumb. My neck released quickly and I am able to move with no pain. The pain in my foot is gone! I am much more able to get out and exercise and live a healthier lifestyle. Wonderful experience.”- Pam


“Before care, changes in my daughter’s routine would cause anger, sleeping was fitful and irregular, and attention was a challenge for her. Ritalin had little effect on her behavioral challenges. After 11 adjustments, she is sleeping better, able to sit still longer and focus better on tasks, more adaptable to change and taking things in stride. –  Mom


“Before beginning care, I had digestive problems, a stiff neck, foot pain, and was dizzy periodically. Without medication, my symptoms would have been pretty severe. I have been getting chiropractic adjustments and taking supplements to support my digestion. After my first adjustment, I could look farther to the right without pain. After 6 adjustments, my dizziness is almost non-existent, I have less foot pain, and my digestion is better. I feel younger than I have in years! Dr. Barb’s office is very organized and efficient. She is caring, reassuring, knowledgeable, and uses up-to-date techniques.- Sandy


“I was concerned about restless leg driving me crazy. Before beginning care, I took medication 1-3 times a day and was never sure it helped. I did see a lessening of restless leg symptoms fairly soon. It wasn’t as bad, so I am not taking the meds as much. Surprisingly I started not peeing at night so much. One night not at all, others just once.” – Wanda

“I was referred by my mom. I had been having lower back pain for as long as I can remember and was constantly tired. Changes in my back happened within 2 appointments and I have been pain free since. I felt less tired after 2 weeks of appointments. After adenoid removal surgery I experienced HORRIBLE neck pain that caused it to be very stiff and hard to move side-to-side. I was also unable to tilt my head back at all because of a sharp shooting pain. All fixed in 2 appointments. I am sleeping better and am less tired. I went from needing 10-11 hours of sleep per night to now only 8 hours. I have less cravings for sweet, salty, and fatty food. Dr. Barb provides quick and easy care, accommodating to your schedule.”  – Tori


 “I had pretty severe knee pain after a spinning class, and it hurt to bend it. Dr. Barb adjusted my knee, ankle, and foot. I felt immediate pain relief and could bend my knee, and by the next day it was back to normal. I had seen results with another TRT chiropractor, but after a 5-month break from care, I started getting colds more often and felt more run-down. I felt better overall after my first adjustment with Dr. Barb, and have more energy now.” – Ashley