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 A friend remarked to me this morning that every week, I mention something different that chiropractic can help with. Yes – if you improve the function and efficiency of your central processing system (the nervous system), the possibilities for improvements in quality of life are endless. This fantastic case study comes from “Now You Know,” a monthly chiropractic health newsletter. The best part is that positive results appeared after the first adjustment, and as care progressed, the boy expressed further positive changes. His parents and teachers must be amazed at his body’s ability to recover. I too am amazed, but I am not surprised, because I know why chiropractic works. Remove distortions from the nervous system, and watch human potential express itself.

“A case study research article published on November 17, 2009 in the scientific periodical, the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal and Family Health, documented a case showing improvement in learning disorder and speech delay in a four year old child undergoing chiropractic care to correct vertebral subluxations.

In this case a 4 year old boy was brought to the chiropractor having been diagnosed with a learning disorder and speech delay. The study noted that his speech was so severely impaired that others could not understand him. The boy’s mother reported that her son was not speaking when he started school which caused him much frustration and anger. He was under the care of a speech therapist.

The history in this case revealed that the boy was born by Caesarean section. According to the study he was pulled out by his head and his mother reports that she remembers hearing him crying while he was still inside her.  The boy has one sister with no development issues and has above average intelligence.

The chiropractic examination showed imbalances in his posture and spinal curvatures. X-rays were also performed which confirmed a loss of cervical (neck) curve and vertebral misalignments. The primary diagnosis listed was vertebral subluxation of the top vertebrae in the neck called the Atlas.

The study noted that this patient was seen for a total of 44 visits over an 8 month period. Care initially started with three adjustments per week for 30 days, then followed by two adjustments per week for 30 days and then once weekly thereafter.

The results were startling as immediately following the first adjustment the patient began speaking and putting together full sentences that were coherent and understandable. Additionally, after the first adjustment, the young boy was also able to recognize his written name, which he had never been able to do before. As care continued the boy was able to color with crayons and began to understand and follow verbal directions.

Other improvements noted in this case were that prior to care the boy was fairly emotionless but as care continued he began to smile or cry at appropriate times.  Additionally it was noted that the boy had difficulty standing or lying still prior to the introduction of chiropractic care, but after initiating care he could remain still and undistracted while getting his chiropractic adjustments.”

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