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I spent a few days on vacation this month in Colorado visiting friends. My partners in crime included a dear friend that I’ve known since we played an alto saxophone duet in high school, her family, and their cat. When there are 3 kids and a cat in the house, you can bet there will be good times ahead! The weather was lovely, and my friend and I escaped to a little mountain town with no agenda other than to amuse ourselves. We hiked a bit, ate “cheat food” at a mom-and-pop restaurant and enjoyed every bite.

In my mind, a successful vacation includes these elements:

  1. Good friends and/or family – check!
  2. Constant supply of hot tea; I am trying to figure out where in our kitchen to put one of those “brews coffee and tea in 30 seconds” contraptions.
  3. Easy access to outstanding Japanese, Thai and/or Indian food; it helps that my friend lives in a metro area with wonderful restaurants.
  4. Production of new inside jokes; this trip produced one grocery-store-themed and two cat-themed jokes (see above).

Recharging our batteries and having a change of scenery is good for the soul. Thanks for reading!

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