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From an early age, we are taught that symptoms should be suppressed. In many cases, symptoms are what we feel and see as the body is working to heal itself and restore balance. These are the benefits of some common symptoms:

Fever – Kills and inhibits bacteria and viruses

Coughing, Sneezing, and Runny Nose – Expel germs and toxins

Diarrhea – Eliminates toxins and germs from your blood

Headache – Warns that there is an urgent problem in the body

Pain and Stiffness – Act as a natural brace by restricting movement

Most of us grew up in an outdated health model, which says that:

  • The body is dumb.
  • Doctors are smart.
  • Symptoms are bad and should be suppressed.

In the emerging model of health care, we have a different understanding:

  • The body is smart.
  • Doctors do not have all the answers.
  • Symptoms are your body’s way of telling you to change what you are doing to it, or they are necessary for the body to heal itself.

 Where does chiropractic fit in? Chiropractic does not treat the symptom or the disease. Chiropractic attempts to remove interference from the body’s expression of its own healing abilities. Chiropractic does not cure the disease, for this can only be accomplished by nature from within.


Dr. Barbara Kaiser, Eagan chiropractor
Dr. Barbara Kaiser focuses on identifying and correcting neurospinal dysfunction. For Chiropractic in Eagan near Apple Valley and Burnsville MN, contact Dr. Barbara Kaiser at 651-757-5096 today.

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